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4th National Conference on Emerging Trends and Applications in Computer Science - 2018

(NCETACS - 2018)

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Department of Computer Science, St. Anthony's College, Shillong, Meghalaya - 793001

Phone: +91 364 2222558, Fax: +91 364 2229558
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Hotels in Shillong

Yalana Hotel (0.5 KM from the College)
Poinisuk Hotel (0.6 KM from the College)

Yalana Hotel (0.5 KM from the College)
Main Road, Laitumkhrah
Meghalaya - 793003
Phone: 0364 2226059
Single Room Standard:     350.00
Single Room Deluxe:    545.00
Double Bedded Room Standard   435.00
Double Bedded Room Deluxe  875.00
Family  Room Standard:   1205.00
Family  Room Deluxe:  1350.00

Magnum Hotel(0.5 KM from the College)
Police Bazar
Phone: 0364 2227797
Single Room Standard:     500.00
Single Room Deluxe:    570.00
Double Bedded Room Standard   850.00
Double Bedded Room Deluxe  1200.00

Eldarado Hotel(0.5 KM from the College)
Phone:0364 2500132
Single Room Standard:     800.00
Single Room Semi Deluxe:    1000.00
Single Room Deluxe:    1200.00
Double Bedded Room Standard   1000.00
Double Bedded Room Deluxe  1500.00

Centre Point (0.5 KM from the College)
Police Bazar
Phone: 0364 2225210
Single Room Standard:     1600+Taxes(20%)
Single Room Deluxe:    2000+Taxes
Double Bedded Room Standard   2000+Taxes
Double Bedded Room Deluxe  2500+Taxes

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